Guiding Principles

group of kids dressed with medals and holding american flag


Stimulate thinking through teacher directed and child initiated activities using numbers, alphabet, calendars, colors, puzzles, etc. Discussion of daily/weekly themes and activities to achieve letter/sound/number/shape/color/name recognition. Use of learning area and group art projects that coordinate with the weekly theme. Begin printing  the alphabet and numbers.


Encourage awareness of, and positive feelings towards self, others, and the environment. Encourage and promote self-expression through language, art, music, and play.


To teach we are all God’s children and to ensure our children of his constant and unconditional love for all of us. To teach respect for the people and the world God has created and to share that message with those around us.


Encourage children to work, play and learn together. Encourage children to initiate activities, ask questions, make limited choices, and solve problems independently.


Development of large and small muscles; develop balance, posture, and strength coordination; provide an outlet for energy using balls, climbing equipment, tricycles, music source, etc; work to sharpen fine motor development, hand-eye coordination and visual perception using crayons, markers, scissors, puzzles, sewing cards, math manipulatives, pegboards, etc.